It is each Customer's responsibility to be up to date and knowledgeable about their country's custom's requirements. In other words, you need to know what you are permitted, and not permitted, to import into your country. We cannot take responsibility if you import a product that does not conform to your custom's regulations. It is also the Customer's responsibility to pay any local Customs, tax, or importing fees.

Attention UK Customers:
At the request of British customs, we must put the full value of the products on all packages being shipped to the United Kingdom. British customs are well aware of our pricing structure; if the proper value is not shown on the package, it may be returned to us. Please note that this full value is used for the calculation of the V.A.T. (value added tax).

Countries we cannot ship to at this time:

Because of COVID-19, many countries have suspended delivery of foreign packages into their country.  See:

We have also had to temporarily suspend shipping to Europe and other areas due to too many packages being lost in transit. Many countries will not accept a package of herbal products from the U.S. at this time.

Order directly from Europe or England:

European customers can order their products through NutriStamina’s website found at

Aggressive Health Shop is an online retailer located in England that offers our products.

Specific products that cannot ship to specific countries at this time:
If you buy the product despite the warning you will be responsible for any loss due to customs seizing and destroying the products.




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European customers can order their products through NutriStamina’s website found at



Aggressive Health Shop, is an online retailer located in England, offering a comprehensive line of high-quality, supplements. Their selection offers many imported American brands, including Baseline Nutritionals, and they are highly rated in customer reviews.

Aggressive Health Shop