The founding of our unique company has an interesting story. It began with Jon Barron, a world-renowned formulator, who was quietly creating his own amazing formulas for himself and his wife, Kristen, and a few natural-health doctors who relied on Jon's formulas for their own patients' survival. This went on for years until eventually, the word got out. Supplement companies came from all over the world to ask him to formulate and consult for them, and he did. Unfortunately, the companies always insisted on “keeping costs down” when specifying their formulas. Even with those constraints, Barron insisted on minimum standards before accepting consulting work.

  • Use only the highest quality ingredients (organic, wild-crafted, USP grade)
  • Use only real amounts of ingredients – no pixie dust

Because of these standards, the formulas that Barron designed for these companies were spectacular and produced life-changing results. And Barron's reputation grew worldwide. But in his mind, these formulas could be even better. Certain expensive ingredients could not be used. Certain formulation enhancements could not be used, or had to be used in a limited form. The formulas may have been great, but they were not the best they could be.

In the end, the answer was simple: if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself and thus control the process from beginning to end. As a result, in 2003, Jon and Kristen started Baseline Nutritionals. The concept was very simple: by selling direct to the public on the internet with no middle-men, the company could afford to use the highest quality ingredients, thereby producing and selling Barron's uncompromised formulas.

Astoundingly, due to Jon Barron's reputation, news that Baseline Nutritionals® would be mass-producing Jon Barron's "private reserve" formulas began to ripple through the alternative health community on the internet. On the day Baseline Nutritionals® put up a preliminary website to merely test their ordering software (they had no product in place, and the company didn't even formally exist yet), several dozen orders came in. When they finally did launch the company, they never looked back.

Today, thousands of men and women in over 40 countries around the world renew themselves daily with these miraculous formulas. In 2006, Baseline Nutritionals® was voted "Supplement Company of The Year" by Natural News, one of the Internet's largest independent alternative health websites, with millions of visitors a year.

Even finely tuned athletes whose livelihoods depend on maintaining their bodies at peak levels have come to depend on Barron’s formulas. In 2008-2009, Baseline Nutritionals worked closely with the KBS Professional Cycling Team in order to test the effectiveness of our formulas on "bodies" subjected to the most extreme stress conditions imaginable. (Think multiple Tour de France style events each year.) Ask any cyclist on that team, and they will tell you they weren't just testing the products…they LIVED on Jon Barron’s Baseline Nutritionals’ formulas. For the KBS Team, these were not just products to test; they were their personal racer's edge:


"I am healthier, happier and have more energy. I usually start feeling run down by mid-point in the year. But the Baseline Nutritionals® products have kept my motivation high and allowed me to achieve the best results of my career!"

Dan Bowman
Longmont, CO
Professional Cyclist
KBS Pro Cycling Team


Baseline Nutritionals® does not sell every type of supplement, but the ones we sell are unique, incredibly powerful, and life transforming. They are generally regarded as the most powerful formulas of their kind in the world. The products are manufactured in cGMP compliant facilities. Only the highest quality ingredients are purchased. The ingredients are identity tested before they can be used in any batch. The finished product has to pass microbiology testing before being released for sale. Additionally, we go beyond most other companies in that every batch of every product undergoes independent, third-party-laboratory, ISO 17025 heavy metal testing.  That's why Baseline Nutritionals® is the company people turn to when compromise is not an option.