If you are concerned about heavy metals, then try Baseline Nutritionals'® Metal Magic® -- a supplement that nutritionally supports your body's ability to cleanse itself of unwanted elements.

Metal Magic® Benefits:

  • Ingredients in Metal Magic® enhance your body's natural ability to cleanse itself of unwanted elements.
  • May also support your body's ability to decrease intra-cellular toxins such as nitrogen, nitrates, and ammonia.
  • A proprietary blend of all organic, ethically wild crafted, and selectively imported herbs.
  • Provides nutritional support for your body's ability to correct intra-cellular pH imbalances.
  • Watch Video - How To Detox Heavy Metals From Body
  • Click Here for complete information on Ingredients, Instructions, and Supporting Studies.
  • Barron Report.

Heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead, and cadmium are toxic to the body. Health is often dramatically improved when levels of these metals in the body are lower.

Note: The theory behind Metal Magic® is that it works by breaking the electrical bonds that tie unwanted elements to body tissue (freeing them up), then binding to the freed elements and flushing them out of your body in your urine and through your colon. It has no impact on the mercury in fillings or on surgically implanted metal sutures or plates or pins.*

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