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Expiration Date:  Expiration Date: 06/2023

Need immune system support to help your body fight infectious challenges? Super ViraGon® is strong and effective.

Natural immune system support with the benefits of garlic:

  • Mixture of the most powerful ingredients found in nature to fight alongside your immune system against invading pathogens.
  • Enhancing the benefits of garlic, this health supplement also contains olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, and liquid zinc.
  • Nutritionally supports your body's fight against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic invaders to relieve your immune system of some of its burden.
  • When you use Super ViraGon, your immune system no longer has to do all the work by itself.
  • Watch Video - Natural Immune System Support
  • Click Here for complete information on Ingredients, Instructions, and Supporting Studies.
  • Barron Report.

Super ViraGon® is a natural health, nutrition supplement that may help your body address and manage infectious challenges.*

Warning: If you take an anticoagulant (blood thinner) such as warfarin (Coumadin), or if you need surgery, talk to your health care provider before taking this formula as garlic is a natural blood thinner.

Expiration Date: March 2023

How to Use:

You need to use Super ViraGon after you are infected. Natural antipathogens don’t prevent an infection before you have one. (See Immunify.) Instead, antipthogens support your body in its fight against an invading pathogen if/when you are infected by one. Ideally, you want to be using an antipathogen formula at the first sign of any symptoms, while the infection is still in the incubation phase before your cold or flu or whatever has fully hit. If you hit it hard, early enough, your immune system can often stop the infection in its tracks. If you wait until the symptoms are full on, you can shorten the length of the illness, but you will still be dealing with illness and all its symptoms. So, here’s how Jon Barron recommends using Super ViraGon.

At the first sign of any symptoms, you want to down a full bottle of Super ViraGon. Early symptoms, depending on the infection, include: unusual fatigue, muscle soreness, slight headache, scratchy throat, post nasal drip, slight heaviness in the lungs and nasal passages. You know: all those little things you’ve always noticed before you get sick, but usually shrug off and ignore until you wake up in the morning with the flu.

  • Jon downs that bottle using approximately a third of a bottle (20mL) at a time–just eyeballing it as he pours it into a glass. He then adds a couple of ounces of juice and a couple of ounces of water.
    • Any juice will work, but based on taste, Jon recommends the following juices: low-sodium tomato, orange, apricot, and peach.
  • Mix it up and sip it down over about five to ten minutes.
  • Repeat that two more times spaced throughout the rest of the day so that you end up consuming the entire 2 oz bottle that day.

If you wake up in the morning and all symptoms are gone, then you may not have had an infection, but just a bad day. If so, you’re done. But if you still have any symptoms at all, no matter how small, then you’re most likely dealing with something. If so:

  • Then continue the bottle a day routine until you wake up symptom free. If you catch things in the incubation phase, this will usually take 3-4 days. Then:
  • For the next 6 days, open up one more bottle of Super ViraGon and take 10 droppers a day in diluted juice just to make sure you’re catching any lingering pathogens that might be looking to re-infect. This step is extremely important if you want to make sure that you don’t get sick again.

As you can see, this whole process runs 9-10 days. By itself, this is often enough for your innate immune system to eliminate the infection. And if not, it bought you time for our adaptive immune system to learn all about the infection and take over with both antibodies in the bloodstream and NK cells to find and destroy any remaining infected cells as needed.


Note: if you don’t’ catch the infection in the incubation phase but wait until the symptoms are full on, the same routine applies. It just may take you more than 3 or 4 days to wake up free of symptoms and move to your last bottle.

                         Products are to be used by Adults - 18 years and older 


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